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Omni Athletix I Therapeutix

Omni Athletix/Therapeutix is founded and owned by Dev Chatterjee, licensed physiotherapist & naturopath and performance specialist with 15 years experience in the health and fitness industries. (Dev Chatterjee who has been leading many high profile athletes to achieve new career heights was co-owner of the former Quanta Performance and the BXT Program).

As a clinic specialized in integrative wellness and performance, we offer you extensive evaluation and intervention in helping you optimize your physical body and biochemical system while providing customized lifestyle strategies to incorporate the necessary changes, so you may lead the life you want.


Omni Athletix/Therapeutix is dedicated to helping individuals reach their fitness and wellness goals whether they are rehabilitation patients, professional athletes, fitness lovers or simply looking to shift their life into the next level of all-around wellness. As its name connotes, Omni Athletix/Therapeutix believes in an approach to wellness that encompasses all essential areas of a truly healthy lifestyle: the physical, the biochemical and the mental.

Our treatment combines medical science research and a cutting edge methodology that perceives the body as a whole while incorporating various progressive techniques. Our current services include: advanced physiotherapy, training, nutrition consultations and lab tests, wellness & lifestyle coaching and wellness courses/workshops (Omni Institute) in addition to an OMNI ATHLETIX high performance training division for professional and elite athletes.

We look forward to working with you.

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