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Omni Therapy

Our approach to physical therapy is a global one, which consists in finding the root cause of your symptom rather than treating the symptom itself.

We aim to efficiently rehabilitate acute and chronic problems in such a way that you may feel lasting relief.

Through a global evaluation, we build treatment plans to include home exercises and a proactive participation from the patient in creating long-term solutions.

Our treatment combines physiotherapy principles, medical science research in a cutting edge methodology that perceives the body as a whole while incorporating different progressive techniques.

Omni Therapeutix
Rehabilitation elements:
  • Advanced physiotherapy
  • ART — Active Release Technique ™
  • MAT — Muscle Activation Technique ™
  • Manual Therapy

Omni Nutrition

Omni Nutrition

Food is a basic need and a basic pleasure in life that should be based on acquiring the proper nutrients, not just a simple intake of fuel for the body.

Among other steps, we invite the patient to keep a food journal to complement careful evaluation and proper biochemical profiling in order to create an individualized nutritional plan.

Through an advanced understanding of the patient’s unique profile and eating habits, we are able to find the most practical solutions that he/she can implement daily. Too many diets and eating habits create short-term benefits that either cannot be maintained over time or that eventually become detrimental to one’s health.

Our approach seeks to find healthy ways of enjoying food in nutritional ways without compromising the enjoyment of eating.

Nutrition services:
  • Various lab tests including — Food Intolerance Testing
  • Nutritional analysis and consultation ™
  • Food Plans

Omni Training

Omni Training

There are no good and bad exercises, only appropriate ones to particular conditions of the human body as well as a desired activity or lifestyle.

Our training methodology is founded on the belief that it is crucial to profile the patient through extensive evaluation on the biomechanical and physiological levels.

Through this process, we can ensure that the body meets the biomechanical and physiological demands of the desired activity or lifestyle. By first profiling the patient and then the activity in question, we create an exercise regime that links the two together.

Training in connection to weight

Our approach to training programs for weight loss is to create exercises in which the patient can challenge his/her body to burn fat as a fuel without creating biomechanical breakdown or injury. This allows for the patient to continue continue to train long-term at a high intensity.

Training services:
  • Prehab — Preventitive rehabilitative exercises
  • Rehabilitative exercises
  • Sports or Activity Specific Training

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